About us





I started my art business at the age of 4. My kindergarten teacher made a sketch in my painting album. She drew a bullfinch. She made it just to show me and my classmates how to deal with colours. The picture was quite nice and my mom asked if I did it. I said, yes. Since then I’ve been saying that I do art. I graduated from art school, art college and the art faculty. I’ve participated in different exhibitions, I’ve sold a lot of paintings. I’ve even taught art at University. But I never painted that bullfinch.






At the age of 23 I graduated in gastronomic sciences with my bachelor degree thesis “La Gola (1982-1993): a revolution in the gastronomic approach towards interdisciplinary studies and the arts”.

I started to work as editor and kept studying art through food. I thought of the future of food and of contemporary Italian cuisine. I was writing articles about coffee shops, pastries, wine bars, farmers, food art conferences, street food fairs, haute cuisine restaurants and trattorie.

I used to write about food and wine from my office desk of the publishing house I was working for, sometimes without tasting it. My salary was low and didn’t allow me much, even if I was spending more than half of my monthly income on my foodie life. But I was convinced I was advancing my career.

One day when I was about to take out a loan for my lunch, I came across a person who made me lose everything. He made me miss my lunch, lose my job, leave my motherland and live without shopping. Such a folly, someone says. Another would call it art. He guesses it is freedom. This is why now we are together.