A letter





Hi there! My name is . I'm already years old!

About your project I know  from you from news from your blogs from my friends from your friends I don't even know how I knew about it

So I'd like to come and help you!

I'm —
 an artist a poet a writer a genius an enterpreneur a filmmaker an actor a mediocre a musician a loafer a blogger a photographer a traveler a lazy person a builder an architect a designer a software developer a pros an engineer a doctor a scientist a teacher an interpreter a hairstylist a responsible person an art director a driver a serious person a political consultant a charlatan a farmer a hard worker a vegetarian a vegan an alien.

Even more I'm

I can  speak English translate from Itallian cook delicious food wash dishes chop wood drive a car ride a bike repair and build care for the garden create and improve enjoy and have fun.


I Love

 chatting seating eating drinking smoking honoring sleeping walking teaching working helping knocking building managing advising betting quarreling fishing hunting collecting sweeping laughing roasting boiling singing playing dreaming.


I would

 help you with household bring you some furniture bring you some food pay for gas pay for electricity pay for water to pay for garbage collection repair the roof translate you texts build a sauna take care about the plants write an article


By the way

 I would like to have a separate bedroom with a large bed with air conditioning, with a personal bathroom, I don't mind to be in a shared room for six people, I can leave even in a tent with a sleeping bag a toilet outdoors is not a problem for me I take a shower for five minutes I like to stuck in the toilet I sterilize fork and nice before eating I eat with arms I often get a cold I like to walk I'm afraid of ladybirds I'm easily offended I find a common language with everybody sometimes I punch somebody's face I am a calm person.


I could come

 in April in May in June in July in August in September in October for a couple of days for a week for a couple of weeks for a mounth even for a half year.

And something else:

Here is my phone:
Here is my site, my facebook and my skype:
My e–mail: