The Stone Oven House, Art Residence







1st season: from June 2017 to October 2017.


Rorà (Turin).


The Stone Oven House is an art residence, based on rural practises in a post-industrial context. Aimed at combining social and environmental harmony, we are establishing an experimental platform for life and creation. The activities in residence follow the principles of: sustainability and sharing economy.

The guests of the residence are invited to reflect on the idea that the village is the city of the future: a place where people work online and live in nature, growing their own vegetables.

One of the main functional elements of the residence is a large stone oven, used to bake food and to dispose of the accomplished art, in order to generate the heat for the oven itself. Art works that are not suitable to be burnt in the stone oven, are reused to satisfy utilitarian needs.

Contemporary art, as a reflection of today’s society, embodies the laws of the art market: artistic overproduction does not match consumer enjoyment. So the art recycling in the Stone Oven House enters this scenario, as a symbolic protest against the conventional dynamics of the contemporary market and as a matter for reflection on production and consumption, including art.

Therefore, the inevitability of art recycling gives artists freedom to create art regardless of its placement on the art market shelves.

Each activity in residence then tries to respect the sustainability reasoning: from the creation of art to its fruition, from the procurement of food to interaction with the local community. We dedicate, moreover, particular attention to the improvement of offline interactions, crucial for a good and healthy community.

We invite to the Stone Oven House both artists and non artists with the mission to bring them together in their lives and professions. We want it to be a pleasant workplace for artists and an unconventional residence for the other guests.


The Stone Oven House is an old stone mountain house (built in 1898), surrounded by nature, with a barn and a stone bread oven. It needs some minor renovations.

The House itself is an exchange: it is granted by the owners for the duration of the first season of the project in exchange for small renovations and maintenance works. Therefore we expect from all guests a small contribution in terms of time and work in the House.

We can accommodate up to 10 people at a time (possibly guests can also sleep in tents especially arranged on the land surrounding the house).

It is expected that each guest stays with us for 2 weeks, but the residence of each individual guest is handled on a case-by-case basis and can vary in place.

Accommodation is guaranteed for free. Food is available on barter. Artists can pay with their artworks, while the other guests can offer anything useful for the residence or any monetary donations.

You can participate in the project as artisthelper or a guest.